TypeRacer Championship 2017 offers an opportunity for serious typists to compete against one another on a small set of texts, in order to determine an overall winner.

TypeRacer has offered prizes for the victors of August 2017 as follows:

  • 1st place: $10
  • 3rd place: $9
  • 5th place: $8
  • 7th place: $7
  • 9th place: $6
  • 11th place: $5
  • 13th place: $4
  • 15th place: $3
  • 17th place: $2
  • 19th place: $1
  • 21th place to the end: Three randomly selected typists will receive one free premium account

We encourage racers to participate every month. Additional prizes will continue throughout the year, including awards for overall yearly score, providing an incentive to race every month.

This Championship is the brainchild of Noah Horn, username licahfox on TypeRacer. It draws much of its inspiration from Typing Zone, which has run a similar competition for 15 years. It also draws some inspiration from Urikor’s championships. With the exception of the prizes, all aspects of the Championship are managed by Noah, so please contact him with any questions at noah.horn@gmail.com.